Physician psychiatrist-narcologist Kravchuk Anna Ivanovna, tel .: 375-162-53-41-27

On the basis of the 2nd narcological department, patients have the opportunity to undergo a FREE comprehensive inpatient 28-day program for the treatment of alcohol dependence. An integrated approach is based on the simultaneous combination of group and individual psychotherapy and the principles of the 12-step program of the movement of Anonymous Alcoholics.

The objectives of the rehabilitation program:

Formation of motivation for sobriety. Increase the level of criticality to the disease.

Information classes (lectures) on the nature, specificity, development and effects of addiction, provides the knowledge necessary to maintain sobriety, prevent possible recurrences of the disease.

Socialization. The program helps to learn to use in the process of recovery the help of other people, to acquire the skills of sober communication, to rebuild and restore the previous relationship with the environment.

Psychotherapeutic work aimed at self-disclosure, self-regulation, restoration of emotional state, training in constructive conflict resolution, assistance in the formation of a healthy value system, adequate self-esteem.

Development of individual recovery programs. Upon completion of the rehabilitation course, each patient receives an individually developed plan of measures to further stabilize the skills of sobriety and re-socialization, the possibility of receiving post-rehabilitation support is provided.

Terms of the program. Voluntary consent of patients to participate in rehabilitation activities using psychotherapeutic technologies, taking personal responsibility for the course of the healing process.

What does the rehabilitant in the department do?

From 7 am to 9 pm rehabilitants are constantly engaged in therapeutic processes: exercises, lectures, psychotherapeutic groups, relaxation classes, art therapy, groups of 12-step recovery program, individual consultations with a psychologist, psychotherapist, writing homework assignments, viewing program films and more.

Also, in the department work is underway to connect close relatives of addicts to relevant psycho-correctional and psycho-educational assistance programs (groups for co-dependents).

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