• Chief Doctor: Alexander Leonidovich Bildeyko, tel. 375-162-53-19-82
  • Deputy Chief Doctor for the medical unit: Igor Chesnokov, tel .: 375-162-23-66-76
  • Main nurse: Irina Kiseleva, tel .: 375-162-53-41-70
  • Legal Adviser: Maryna V. Karnialiuk, tel .: 375-162-53-29-97
  • Chief Accountant: Maryna A. Dudko, tel .: 375-162-53-19-86
  • HR Specialist: Svetlana V. Kuten, tel .: 375-162-53-29-97

ME "Brest Regional
Drug Dispensary"

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Address: 224001 c. Brest,
lane of the Brest divisions, 2
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