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medic hospital laboratory medical 40559The most perfect structure of the Brest Regional Drug Treatment Center. We are the leading medical institution of the Brest region, providing specialized drug treatment.


We defined our motto: “Narcological assistance is our mission!”. The staff of the clinic work with us by call.

The administration does not retain the specialists who have declared their unwillingness to work in narcology and agrees to early interruption of contracts with them.

Our material and technical base, in conjunction with employs professionals staffed by professionals, allows us to provide almost the entire range of drug treatment services - from stopping “binge drinking”, “hangover” or “breaking up” to performing “coding”, rehabilitation course or opioid substitution treatment with methadone. During treatment in inpatient drug treatment departments, we provide round-the-clock observation of patients with timely correction of treatment when their condition changes. Our other significant differences from other medical organizations of Brest that provide substance abuse services are the provision of free medical care to patients registered for drug treatment (i.e., through funding from the regional budget), and the relatively low cost of treatment when providing paid medical services for anonymous basis.

ME "Brest Regional
Drug Dispensary"

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