Medical services provided in the health care institution “Brest Regional Drug Treatment Clinic”


Inpatient drug treatment unit for the treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from narcogenic diseases.

The rehabilitation department offers a comprehensive program of treatment of alcohol dependence, designed for 28 treatment days. An integrated approach is based on a combination of individual and group psychotherapy and psychocorrection with the ІЕ-step program of the movement of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The rehabilitation course is organized by:

1. at no cost for persons with an established diagnosis of addiction.

2. on a paid basis anonymously.

Disabled persons are given a list of incapacity for work for the entire period of rehabilitation.

Work in the department is carried out: two psychiatrists, a narcologist, a psychologist, a specialist in social

work, middle and junior medical staff.

The objectives of the rehabilitation program:

- Formation of motivation for sobriety. Help in the awareness and acceptance of their illness.

- Psychological education. Providing an information base about the causes, course of dependence,

ways to prevent the recurrence of the disease,

- Socialization. Help in establishing productive social contacts, effective

relationship with the environment (near and far)

- Psychotherapeutic work aimed at reducing the negative effects of abuse

psychoactive substances. learning constructive conflict resolution. correction

emotional state. awareness of their feelings and responsibility for their lives.

- Development of individual recovery programs based on cooperation with the patient.

- Post-rehabilitation patient support for 6-12 months as part of a therapeutic


Conditions for the implementation of the program - voluntary consent to participate in a comprehensive rehabilitation

the program. Taking personal responsibility for the progress of the healing process, as a condition of his


Patients' responsibilities include:

- exclude the use of alcohol and other psychoactive substances

- follow the rules of cultural behavior

- observe the rules of group therapy

- smoke only in designated places, refrain from viewing and listening to personal

entries do not play gambling

“What to take with you? ››: comfortable clothes and shoes. personal hygiene products, mug, spoon, notebook

(notebook) pen.

How to get to rehab?

On a free basis:

- contact a local psychiatrist-narcologist for referral to a planned hospitalization

- when you have a passport FLG

For a fee:

- contact the admissions department of the BOND health care unit or the head of the 2nd narcological department

The use of the method of complex rehabilitation allows a person to cope with the disease and

manage your life.

The inpatient department is located at the address: Brest, Krasnogvardeyskaya str., 4

Contact phones: 375-162-53-41-27; 375-162-53-32-87

Registry: 375-162- 53-28-17

Reception : 375-162-53-41-32

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